How to Combine Legacy Systems & Cutting-Edge Technologies

Legacy modernization presents opportunity for today’s IT leaders. Hear from a C-level panel how, through a move from mainframe to open systems, organizations are regaining their competitive edge

Drive your company’s
innovation culture

In a world where large organizations compete with nimble startups, the pace of innovation is everything.

Legacy applications contain your enterprise DNA. When moved to open systems, this value can be unlocked and connected to cutting-edge technologies, driving innovation.

Upcycle applications
upskill your workforce

You can now upcycle your enterprise software, making it work with open-source and cloud technologies fit for the modern world.

In the meantime, your team can learn new skills using cloud and open-source development tools. Your graduates can start managing older applications too!

Think of it as legacy innovation, made easy.

Your opportunity is open

The transition of legacy applications to open systems gives you freedom of choice.

You now choose which applications run where, and how data is stored. You can iterate products faster, compete against challengers and rediscover your business spark. 

Welcome back to competition.

You’re in Good Company

Forward-thinking businesses like yours have already harnessed the knowledge of yesterday’s innovators to remain competitive for the customer of tomorrow.